Bulk Orders

Feel free to reach out to us for discounts on bulk orders or large runs of your own model.  With over 100 machines we are able to quickly turn around orders of any quantity.  We can meet any schedule and guarantee the lowest price for your products.

Fast Turnaround 

Our quick turnaround times ensure that you will get your prototypes back faster than you would with traditional manufacturing processes.

Lowest Price

With a large production capability and low overhead costs we guarantee the lowest price for your products.

Leading-Edge Manufacturing Technology

We use the most advanced 3D additive manufacturing technology and materials from cutting-edge industry leaders to provide you with professional and market-ready products. 

Reliable Quality

Accurate and repeatable printing processes allow you to print your products with precision every single time.

We use 100% wind energy.

Making our stuff takes a lot of electricity.  We have partnered with our local electric utility provider to source 100% of our electricity from renewable wind resources and pay a premium to offset the costs.

No Petrochemicals

Compared to traditional plastics, the plant based PLA material that we use emit two thirds fewer greenhouse gasses, two thirds less energy, biodegrade faster and contain no petro checmicals. For more environmental benefits visit our sustainability page

Visit here for more information about the benefits of the material we use and our sustainability commitment.

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